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Exterior Outdoor Lighting by Lightfiniti

Our outdoor lighting systems are fully customizable and offer a convenient way to enhance your home or business through our unique outdoor lighting design. 

Below are some frequently asked questions about Lightfiniti’s outdoor lighting solutions. If you have more questions about permanent lighting, feel free to contact our customer service reps today!

permanent exterior house lights
  • The Oelo App can control the lighting colors to reflect the seasons such as Christmas or Halloween, architectural look, and of course your favorite sports team colors during the big game. We also offer different mounting solutions that can give a light-washed appearance or a clean modern look.
  • Our LED lights of a minimum of at least 100,000 hours of life. That means you can run these lights for 22 years for 12 hours a night until you have to replace an LED bulb. That is a ton of shine!
  • No, once a light degrades or "burns out" it is an easy and affordable fix by simply replacing the single LED bulb. Our bulbs are each their own independent light engine.

That's right. Each individual LED can be set to a different color so you'll have something fun and bright when it is time for your party or event!

The Oelo app for our color-changing lights allows you to achieve more than 6 million hues. You can customize your own preset programs within the application and create patterns with 10 different movement settings, including Stillness at a glance or roving light movements that change over time - it's all up to how creative we want our users' light displays!

Unlike traditional incandescent lights, LED's do not “burn out” after 100k hours of use. The colors may start to degrade at that point but it is still quite uncommon!

We've all had those lights that just don't seem to last. But with our 100,000 hour guarantee on the lifespan of your light you'll be able to enjoy its beautiful glow for at least 22 years!

Our lights can run 24 hours a day, so give your home the presence it deserves with our lighting. Whether you're looking for a subtle glow or an overwhelming spotlight, we have all of those options available and more!

If you want to be more hands-free, the Oelo app has a built in timer so that your lights can turn on and off at any time of day without having to get up.

Yes, LED lights use 80% less energy than traditional bulbs and they last up to 50 times longer!

You can simply replace the old light with a new one if you have a light malfunction!

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